National Supermarket Killer Up For Parole

9:26 PM, Apr 12, 2006   |    comments
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By Kelly Jackson KSDK-A man serving a life sentence for one of the worst mass murders in Saint Louis history is up for parole. Donnie Blankenship received five life terms for the 1987 National Supermarket murders. The family of the youngest victim says they are determined to keep Blankenship behind bars. The family of Michael Marr says just days before the shooting, the 16 year old had a dream of being shot. On September 4th, 1987 that dream eerily came true. "That particular day he was there learning a new job. He was scheduled to leave earlier, and one of the managers said I have some other things for you to do, and so he stayed just a little longer than he was supposed to. And that's when they came in and robbed and killed people," says Marr's aunt, Mentouhi Perry. Seven employees of National Supermarket on Natural Bridge were lined up, execution-style, and shot. Two employees survived. But five were killed, including Marr. Marvin Jennings is serving life without parole. Donnie Blankenship was also convicted and is serving five life terms, plus 55 years. He has a parole hearing next week. Marr's older brother, Terry Howard, and other family will be there. "Does he have any remorse? You're sitting there hurt and to hear it all again and hear what he's going to do or how he's changed and he's sorry. You're sorry, but it doesn't bring back my little brother," says Howard. Marr attended Cleveland R.O.T.C, and his family says he wanted to be a surgeon. "He's always going to be in our family. This is our effort to let them know we won't stand for this. Whatever we have to do, whatever it takes to let them know, they can't let him out." Blankenship's parole hearing is April 18th. The seven-member parole board could take from four to twelve weeks to decide Blankenship's fate.


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