Bear chills on backyard hammock

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - One of the best places to catch a cat-nap these days is in a hammock in the shade.

After causing a ruckus in a Daytona Beach neighborhood Thursday, a dark intruder, in the form of a black bear, did just that and one man captured the whole escapade on his camera.

The Florida black bear decided it was time for a nap. He found a cozy spot in Vincent James' backyard.

"He got in the hammock like he was a tourist or something," said James. "Then something spooked him and he ran right back there. Then half an hour later I come back and I saw there he is in the hammock again."

The bear has been spotted multiple times in the Pebble Creek neighborhood in Daytona Beach since Wednesday. Residents say he was looking for food, tearing through a bird feeder and then trash cans.

"He definitely trashed the place twice. He was hungry," said Rafael Torres.

Once he'd had his meal though, he needed a little R&R.

"That's all he was doing relaxing I've never seen anything like it," said Torres.

Torres, who also lives in the neighborhood, grabbed multiple photos of bear.

"I got to about right here. Which is you know less than 80 feet from it," said Torres.

And another neighbor captured it on his cell phone. As exciting was it was for the neighborhood, residents say they don't want the creature to come back.

"He didn't tear it up or anything," said Torres.

James has taken his hammock down. Others say they'll be more careful with their trash so this bear doesn't make their backyards his new favorite hangout.


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