Bed bugs invade south city apartment building

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Tina Wampler says it is impossible to sleep at night knowing the bed bugs will bite.

"I wake up every couple of hours killing these things," she says, pulling back a bed sheet to reveal tiny black bugs.

"I'm constantly killing them off the bed because I don't want to get her bit anymore than what she's gotten," says Wampler, referring to her granddaughter.

For more than a year, Wampler says bed bugs have bitten her and the rest of her family at their apartment in the Golden Gate building in the 4400 block of Morganford.

"I had to throw my son's bed out and everything else. All our furniture is gone – the good furniture," says Wampler.

And she says her land lord is no help.

In 2012, the city Health Department cited the previous owner of the building for bed bugs. Since then, Wampler says she's played phone tag with the department and had no response from the building's new owner.

She says she skipped a rent payment out of protest and now her landlord is kicking her out. Wampler says she happy to move, but wants the bugs professionally exterminated before she goes.

"Do I have to take these bed bugs with me?" she asks.

And people here say the problem isn't confined to one apartment with bed bugs in several apartments in the 34-unit building.

"Nobody wants to take responsibility for getting rid of them for us," says Wampler.

NewsChannel 5 talked to an employee someone at the property management office who promised someone would return the call, but so far no one has.

And whatever the communication problems were over the past several months, the health department is promising to revisit the property to determine if the bugs warrant another citation or any other action.


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