Bees infest couple's apartment

HARTFORD, Connecticut (WFSB) - Bees swarm a honeycomb, while unrefined honey drips from a ceiling.

"It was like National Geographic," Ayesha Smith said. "Literally, the situation was in our home."

What you see now is a far cry from what it looked like when Maurice and Ayesha Smith moved in to this Garden Street apartment three years ago. Back then, the couple says bees were just a minor nuisance.

"They just kept getting in the house, somehow the bees would get in the house, even though we closed the shutters and the windows," Maurice Smith said.

They say they called management each summer.

"As soon as the season gets warm, spring time comes, they come," she said.

But things got really bad this month.

"It was like, every day we were killing like 2 or 3 bees and they were getting bigger and bigger as we were killing them," Ayesha Smith said.

After years of complaints, exterminators were sent out yesterday and today, and this is what they uncovered, thousands of bees swarming out of the ceiling. Exterminators, covered in honey and bees stuck to their suits!

"They came and they were overwhelmed. They opened one little crack in the ceiling and honey was dripping out, honeycombs everywhere. They were overwhelmed. The guys were drenched in honey," Maurice Smith said.

Exterminators believe the bees got in through these vents.

"We could start a honeycomb or a honey factory. Seriously! It's bad!" Ayesha Smith said.

So we sat down with Property Manager Lynda Reeves.

Tenants have said they've been complaining for years about this and nothing has been done until yesterday.

"The same exterminator company comes out every year," she said.

With a big hole in the ceiling and honey all over the bedroom, the Smiths are now sleeping in their living room. Management promises them a hotel if the problem isn't cleaned up by tonight.

When you take a look at how much honey and all of this stuff, it looks like they've been there for years.

"I don't know. I don't know how long it takes for bees to do whatever it is they do," Reeves said.

The management company is based out of New York.

They are aware of the problem and said the Smiths, through insurance, will be reimbursed for any damages.

Exterminators will now be going through other parts of the building to see if the infestation is affecting other units.


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