Boston sports radio host roots for the Cardinals

By Anne Allred

BOSTON (KSDK) - The countdown to the showdown in Boston continues, and we are just one day away from Game 1 of the World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox.

Like St. Louis, Boston loves their baseball, but one of the biggest names on Boston radio is a diehard Cardinals fan.

He is the co-host of the number one sports radio talk show in Boston, on for four hours a day in the morning, and yes, he is going public.

Fred Toucher has been a big-time radio name in Boston since 2006.

"It takes a lot of courage Anne, but I am openly rooting for them on the airwaves," said Toucher.

Despite growing up in Detroit, he says he's been a cards fan since birth.

"So my paternal grandparents both grew up in St. Louis, both went to University of Missouri. My father used to spend his summers in St. Louis. There was no option in our house," he said.

On his show, Toucher and Rich, he likes to think he offers a different perspective, fueling healthy debate on Boston sports radio, but his loyalty has its haters.

"I have some people saying horrible things to me on social media some louts are saying terrible things about me.

But it doesn't phase Toucher.

"I will take the slings and arrows. I will take the abuse," he said.

As he proudly raises his 5-year-old son, Milo, to bleed for Cards Nation as well, even going down to Florida this year for Cardinals spring training, Toucher has one message for the fans back home.

"I'm on your side, support me, find me on Twitter, say nice things, I need to be held, just hold me, St. Louis, hold me," he said.

Now, the only thing bad about our friend is his prediction. He says the Sox in seven, for one reason only; he thinks they'll take it because of the home field advantage, hosting four games at Fenway Park. But we'll prove him wrong, right?


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