Cardinals fans show their spirit ahead of NLCS Game 6

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - With the St. Louis Cardinals pushing for a World Series berth in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series Friday, one thing has become clear: The Los Angeles Dodgers hope to capitalize on a team of doubt.

Cardinal Nation is painting a different picture as fans continue to show up and show out for the team.

The Dodgers seem to have antics and celebrities on their side, but we have fans and some celebrities on our side, too.

Despite the multiple reports by "Deadspin" and "Buzzfeed" about the Redbirds, fans have risen to the occasion to show their love for the team.

Earlier, we asked Facebook and Twitterfans for why they love their team and why we seem to show out better than Dodgers fans.

Melissa McConnell wrote, "LA fans are all transplants, Many St. Louisian's have lived in this town and have generations of cardinal fans, I have been a Cardinal fan my whole 40+years! And my parents have lived here their whole lives and have always been Cardinal fans."

Lawrence Reves wrote, "The Cardinal fans care about good baseball. We have always been raised that way. Of course we want that good baseball to be Cardinal ball. However, we appreciate the great plays from our opponents, as well. My wife (who is also a baseball nut) says, that is one of the first things she noticed about our fans."

@WIGirlMoving2MO tweeted, "I love @ not just for the history or the players, but the fans, the people themselves! Genuine and great fans! "

Of course, a little poking fun never hurts as Robin Edman posted about the Dodgers, "1st and foremost we fill the stands no matter how the season is going for our boys on the field!"

OurFacebook post even prompted Deadspin to post something new asking for us to, "Make it stop."

We'll think about that after the postseason.


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