Coming clean about last minute holiday shopping

Brentwood (KSDK) -- It may be cold outside, but clearly some of your friends and family were feeling the heat after waiting until the very last minute to take care of holiday shopping.

One of the last places to close this Christmas Eve was Target,where the doors werelocked at 9 p.m. NewsChannel 5 spoke with some of the folks who where shopping down to the wire.

"It's not too bad, not at all," said Portia Smith. "The lines are kind of long but besides that you can get through the crowd pretty easily."

"I work everyday," explained Linda McMath. "So, this was the only time I could get out to finish the last minute and what I need to do."

"Nieces and nephews, forgot about them so I had to come get some extra stuff," Perry Jones went on to say. "Me and my cousin getting some last minute presents for the kids. Anybody over seven don't get no presents. That's how we doing it this year."

"I'm a last minute guy," said Jones' cousin, Jabari Waheed. "Sometime I need to quit. And I like seeing all the people out. It's a lot of girls out today."

"Actually I'm pretty surprised how there's not that many people here,"added Adrien Karges. "Maybe it's kind of a technique. You go after all the people have done their shopping."


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