Councilman calls for STL County official to resign

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) – Councilman Steve Stenger wants to be St. Louis County executive, and Tuesday night, he called for the resignation of a top staff member for his Democrat opponent, Charles Dooley.

Stenger is calling for the resignation of Garry Earls, the county's chief operating officer. Earls is Dooley's right-hand man, and running against him in the August Democratic Primary.

At a brief news conference before Tuesday's County Council meeting, Stenger accused Dooley's administration of mismanagement and a lack of accountability, citing the Edward Mueth scandal in the County Health Department.

Mueth committed suicide after a $3 million embezzlement came to light.

He also mentioned the current FBI and grand jury investigation into the crime lab scandal where the police board president was awarded a multi-million dollar subcontract to perform work at the lab.

Dooley called Stenger's allegations nonsense, and a cheap political trick.

Stenger, meanwhile, says that changes need to be made.

"Mr. Earls along with Mr. Dooley has shown zero accountability and no remorse for continued mismanagement," he said. "Further, no employees have been disciplined and no employees have been held accountable by Mr. Earls or the county executive, Charlie Dooley."

"You're talking about people's jobs," Dooley countered. "You're talking about civil servants. There's a lot more involved in the process. We need to know exactly what took place, what the police thinks, what the FBI thinks and what's the proper protocol for St. Louis county to do."

Earls said he wasn't concerned about Stenger's call for his resignation.

"The political tricks of Mr. Stenger are really not an issue for me personally," he said. "I understand I have a job to do and I'm going to continue to do that job."

When Stenger was asked why he wasn't calling for Dooley's resignation, he said that voters will make the decision.


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