$10K worth of heroin found in bush

SEATTLE – Over the weekend $10,000 was found stashed in the bushes of a Seattle neighborhood. The drugs were found Saturday in a planter along the front of a row of homes.

"Some neighbors came by and said there had been some activity in their bushes. And they wanted us to be aware of what was going on, and they had found a small package in the bushes, and they called the police," said Emily Shackelton.

Police said someone saw a strange car pull up Thursday with a man coming out to search one of these bushes. Then again, with a different car on Saturday.

Shackelton said the neighbor who saw this confronted the man, asking if he could help him with something. The man said no, and left.

The strangers may not have found anything, but residents then looked in those bushes for themselves, and saw the drugs.

"It seems like it would be really obvious. I mean, nothing is really covered up here. It's not like a dark alley where you can easily hide something," said Carly Lennstrom.

Maybe with all the foot traffic in a safe neighborhood, no one would suspect.

"Maybe that's the reason that they picked the area," said Shackelton.

But neighbors said they picked wrong. Because in this tight community, someone is always watching.


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