Cash stolen from man who collapsed at bar

WILLIAMSON, Ill. - Caught on camera, a heartless crime that left a bar owner baffled. A man accused of stealing $100 from someone who thought he was dying and then using the cash to buy a round of drinks.

It happened the small community of Williamson, Illinois, about 25 minutes northeast of Edwardsville. The suspect, Bryan Kuegler is being held at the Madison County jail on a $50,000 bond. He's charged with felony theft from a person, which could carry a two to five year jail sentence.

Inside Rock Bottom Bar just south of Williamson, is where cameras captured the crime.

"What a bum he is, he is a crumb," said victim Larry Lotter.

At the time Lotter thought he was having a heart attack.

"Like somebody is sticking an ice pick in my chest," said Lotter.

In the bar's surveillance video you can see him starting to grab his chest and friends lowering him to the ground. With an ambulance on the way, people surrounded him trying to calm him, police say all, but one man.

Kuegler, 32, who is behind Lotter, looked around to see if anyone was watching and when nobody was looking, police say he stole Lotter's wallet out of his back pocket. Madison County Sheriff's Captain Mike Dixon says he's seen a lot of theft but nothing like this.

"This is one of the worst, when somebody takes advantage of somebody they legitimately believe is dying," said Captain Dixon.

It doesn't end there. As Lotter is in the ambulance, police say Kuegler is in the bathroom, police say taking two $50 bills out of the stolen wallet. He sits back down at the bar, reaches into his pocket and tosses the stolen wallet on the ground. Only to tell the bartender minutes later, that he found Lotter's wallet on the ground.

Bar owner Michael Lovsey says Kuegler then buys a round of drinks for the rest of the bar.

"I was appalled that someone could play good samaritan and then turn around and take a wallet out of somebody's pocket like that I was just, I was shocked," said Lovesy.

Kuegler is known by police and has been arrested before on theft, resisting arrest, battery, possession of narcotics.

Lotter is doing just fine, doctors are trying to determine what caused the chest pains.


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