KSDK examines police report on robbery prior to shooting

ST. LOUIS - After numerous Freedom of Information Requests, the Ferguson Police Department released what they believe happened before the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. NewsChannel 5's Dana Dean has an in depth look at the 16 page report along with surveillance video.

This police report details what allegedly occurred on Saturday, August 9th. It started at a convenience store on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson. A call for a "stealing in progress" came at 11:51 a.m.

The man who allegedly took Swisher Sweets Cigars is described by witnesses as wearing a white t-shirt, khaki longer shorts, yellow socks, and a red Cardinal's baseball cap. They also said another man was with him, but didn't give a description of that suspect. Michael Brown is identified in the report as the primary suspect.

In video released today a man, believed by police to be Brown, approaches the counter and allegedly asks for cigars. Presumably, an employee placed them on the counter. Brown allegedly grabbed the box and handed them to the second suspect, identified in the report as Dorian Johnson. That's when the man believed to be Brown was allegedly told that he had to pay for those cigars.

The suspect wearing the red hat is seen reaching across the counter. The report claims the man grabbed numerous packs of cigars and turned to leave the store. Meanwhile, it appears the suspect in the dark shirt places cigars back on the counter while the one in the red hat drops cigars and then picks them up.

While this is taking place, someone comes from behind the counter and attempts to stop him from leaving, even trying to close the door.

The report claims the man, police say is Brown, grabbed this person by the shirt and pushed him into a display rack. You can see the suspect in the red hat walk toward him and then leave the store.

So how did police determine that Brown and Johnson were the suspects? The report states "It is worth mentioning that this incident is related to another incident... in that incident, Brown was fatally wounded involving an officer of this department."

According to the officer making this report, the identities of Brown and Johnson were made after observing them and reviewing the video.


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