Teens setting up fights on social media

ST. LOUIS - You can hear the screams and yells, you can see the fists flying. Then you hear the gunshots. It was all caught on cell phone video on March 9, 2014 on Delmar.

Somebody recorded the fight and posted it on YouTube. The videos are showing up on Instagram and Facebook. We found one video taken at Union Station. Some children are fighting on camera so the video can go viral.

"Posting that video only incites revenge," said James Clark, the head of Better Family Life.

His organization works in troubled neighborhoods. He said teens will start fighting on Facebook for example. Then they'll take that fight to the street. The violence spreads to innocent people and children in those neighborhoods. Clark said the shooters and fighters are now 10, 11, and 12-years-old.

An 11-year-old died last month when a bullet him while he was doing his homework. A 12-year-old was hurt in a shooting last weekend. Clark said the violence will only get worse when children get out of school in a month.

"This community's job is to make sure that children value life again," said Pastor Frederick McCullough.

He and other pastors from north St. Louis churches are trying to stop the violence by taking over their streets one door knock at a time. They go door to door every Saturday morning.

"What hasn't happened is a real reaching out especially for the young black men" said McCullough.

Clark said the violence is now a culture. Parents need to parent their children.


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