Trial begins for man accused of killing his entire family

By Leslie Coursey

BRUNSWICK, Ga. (WAWS/CNN) - Statements open the trial of a man accused of killing eight members of his family in a drug-induced rage. Prosecutors say the Georgia man killed his father, his uncle, his aunt, and his cousins, four years ago.

Remaining members of the family were in the courtroom at the start of the trial.

Guy Heinze Jr. is the man police say slaughtered his family. It was August 2009, and it was Heinze who made the frantic call to 911.

"It looks like they've been beaten to death. I don't know man," Heinze said in the call.

The prosecution plans to use that call against him.

"It's important that the evidence says that he hollered that his family was beaten to death, because he at that point in time is the only person who in fact knows what happened to this family," said prosecutor John Johnson.

In opening statements, this afternoon, the prosecution said that an angry Heinze spent two to three hours beating his family, one at a time with the barrel of a shotgun, all while he was high on crack.

But his defense says that's just not the case; Heinze loved his family and would never have hurt them.

"We don't anticipate there's going to be any evidence of a motive that would be strong enough or reason enough for Mr. Heinze to brutally murder every member of his family in that household," said Heinze's attorney, Newell Hamilton.

If convicted, Heinze faces the death penalty.


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