Victim testifies in Ritz-Carlton attack

CLAYTON, Mo. - A young girl testified Wednesday about the night she was allegedly molested in a hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Clayton. The testimony played out at the trial for the man accused of violating her, 45-year-old Daniel Hughes.

Hughes was staying at the Ritz-Carlton in in March 2011 when the incident happened. He was reportedly drunk when he requested the wrong room key, then broke through the chain in that room and climbed into bed with a 9-year-old girl.

On Wednesday, the girl testified she thought it was her grandmother in bed with her at first. Then, she said the person in bed began massaging her on different parts of her body including what she described to officials as her "privates." Previously, police have said Hughes told them he was in such a state that he believed he was with an adult female acquaintance.

Eventually, she got up to talk to her parents, who discovered the man. There was a commotion, and security was called. On Wednesday the security officers testified that they found Hughes standing only in his boxers and that he cooperated when they told him to sit down in the lobby. Police were then called and Hughes was arrested.

During cross examination, the girl said she was not injured. The defense also asked her whether she's been influenced since the incident, by prosecutors, the media, or her parents. She replied that she had not been coached or influenced.


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