Cyber security efforts to avoid hacking

ST. LOUIS – The recent celebrity leaked photos can serve as a reminder about how vulnerable internet users can be when it comes to storing sensitive data, including private or incriminating photos.

Cyber security expert Vinny Troia, CEO of Night Lion, recommends using unique passwords to avoid getting hacked. He says using the same password on multiple sites can be risky.

"Like with the recent eBay hack, eBay asked about 145 million people to change their passwords and we later found the user names and passwords were used in a StubHub fraud that was going on," Troia said.

You're also encouraged to consider whether you really want to store potentially incriminating pictures on the internet and to use a service called two-factor authentication when possible.

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It's a system that sends a one-time-only code to your phone, which you have to enter every time you try to log in.

Troia says business and personal accounts are hacked daily, often hackers are from different countries.

Troia can be reached at for anyone who needs help with internet security.


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