Dateline: What the O.J. Simpson jury never heard

Wednesday night Dateline NBC reviewed what is known as the "trial of the century."

Dateline's two-hour special "The People vs. O.J. Simpson: What the Jury Never Heard" comes one day before the 20th anniversary of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. Correspondent Josh Mankiewicz speaks exclusively with Kris Jenner, a former juror, and a key witness never heard from publicly.

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Jenner, ex-wife of Simpson defense attorney Robert Kardashian and good friend of Nicole, will talk about what she says Nicole told her in the weeks leading up to her death.

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Along with exclusive interviews, lawyers who were part of Simpson's defense "Dream Team" will talk about their tactics and strategies, Detective Tom Lange will take viewers inside the investigation, and NBC's Bob Costas will talk about the phone call he got from Simpson during the well-publicized low-speed Bronco chase.

Kato Kaelin, Simpson's famous housemate at the time of the murders, will also talk about how he believes Simpson tried to get him to provide an alibi.

You can watch snippets of the interviews with Jenner and Kaelin below this story.


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