Lindbergh students work out to boost grades

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) - While educations experts across the land debate the best strategies to boost student achievement in the classroom, a small group of teachers at Sappington Elementary School in the Lindbergh School District might have backed into one of the best ideas of them all: Just do it!

Three days a week, about 80 students get to school an hour early for a quick and fun work out program they call "Flyers Fitness."

"We just noticed that we feel so much better on the days when we got our workouts in," 5th grade teacher Daren Wolf said. "And we thought, 'why don't we push to have the students do this?' "

So back in December, Flyers Fitness was born.

It's a mixture of cross fitness, kickboxing and even yoga.

The results were immediate. Teachers noticed the young learners came into class more focused, less fidgety, and ready to learn.

"It's a life skill they'll need to know the rest of their lives," Lauran Handrahan, a 3rd grade teacher at Sappington Elementary and a certified fitness instructor, said.

The program is free and completely voluntary. It's open to students in 3rd to 5th grade. Younger students who have siblings who participate in the program are welcome to join in.

So is Flyers Fitness really all that?

We decided to ask the kids.

"It calms you down during the day and you get less drama, a lot less drama," Paige Watkins, a 5th grader said.

Fellow 5th grader Dylan Schade recalls a day we went to Flyers Fitness the morning after he forgot to study for a test.

"We were doing a science test that day and I forgot to study," Schade recalls. "So when we were taking it I was really relaxed and tried my best and I got an 'A'."


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