Normandy community rallies to save district

The Normandy community rallied Saturday to send a message to Jefferson City that they are not giving up on their district.

"I think it's going to be an opportunity for our students to understand that sitting by passively and not advocating for your success and future will not yield anything," said Superintendent Ty McNichols.

Normandy has sent millions to other districts to pay for the 1,000-plus students who transferred out this year. Christian Wallace chose to stay.

"I just had people here that I knew cared about me. Friends, of course, and then also teachers and administrators. People who really going to put a foot in the door to help me get places," Wallace said.

The senior is in the chorus that recently performed at Carnegie Hall. He was also one of the hype men for this rally. He's been accepted into several colleges, including Mizzou and USC, and he says there are more success stories like his.

"I believe that people take things such as media and talk and really don't try to understand the real of normandy. I think if people took the time out and actually talked to people from Normandy they'd really understand what the school is really about."

"This school is the producer of great executives, doctors, lawyers, teachers. And it can thrive again and continue on that mission if we give it the right support," said Pamela Westbrooks-Hodge.

Westbrooks-Hodge is a proud 1987 Normandy alum. We asked what alumni can do to turn this Viking ship around.

"We need to move home," she said. "I know that's controversial but when you think about what's happened, when the best and brightest of a community leaves and those that are left behind are not in a position to maintain a community, then it's going to suffer."

There are several bills working through the legislature right now involving Normandy's crisis. Normandy officials say they need emergency funds to stay open in the short-term, but if there's any chance they'll survive beyond this year there needs to be a limit on how much they pay other districts for the transfers.


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