Some school districts will keep Normandy transfers

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. (KSDK) – Tuesday, July 1 marks a new chapter to an historic school district. The new Normandy Schools Collaborative will replace the old Normandy School District.

The district, which opened in 1923, will become a state-run institution. The school district went bankrupt and became unaccredited. State law allows children from unaccredited districts to go to accredited schools at the cost of the unaccredited district.

Normandy could not sustain the weight of the cost of tuition and busing. Normandy children went to eight different accredited districts.

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Close to 600 students ended up at University City, Ferguson-Florissant and Francis Howell. Those districts are sending the children back to Normandy. The state takeover no longer makes it an unaccredited district.

Thirty-three children ended up at Parkway schools. Thirty went to Ladue. Both districts will allow Normandy children to come back. A Parkway spokeswoman said the district wanted to offer Normandy children consistency in their education. The district can accept less tuition, she said, because it's very close to what other transfer students from St. Louis City pay to go to Parkway.

A Ladue district spokeswoman said its leaders realized children had to go back and forth so much, and the kids have become part of the Ladue school community now. The district wanted them to have a place to keep growing academically and socially. She said the district can easily afford to accept the reduced tuition without compromising the children who go there now.

Clayton and Rockwood haven't decided whether they'll allow the 19 at Clayton and 4 at Rockwood continue their studies. The Maplewood School District will keep 10 students from the Normandy district as well.

The boards will meet soon to decide. They notified the Missouri Department of Education Secondary Education (DESE) they wouldn't meet the June 30 deadline to let the state know if they'll send children back to Normandy.

Meanwhile, NewsChannel 5 learned Monday that the new state-appointed school board for the Normandy Schools Collaborative held a meeting in Jefferson City. The station asked DESE for an opportunity to listen to that meeting, but a DESE spokeswoman said KSDK would have to travel to Jefferson City to listen to the public hearing. The state-appointed school board will have a meeting in St. Louis on Tuesday, at the Normandy administration building.

KSDK learned the new state appointed school board for Normandy had a meeting in Jefferson City. We asked DESE for an opportunity to listen to the meeting but a DESE spokeswoman told us we would have to travel to Jefferson City to listen to the public hearing. That board meets in St. Louis at the Normandy Administration building on Tuesday.


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