Family of 4 living in 260-square-foot microhouse

AUSTIN - The Sprague's are a family of four that live in a 260-square-foot home in South Austin. They decided to downsize as the cost of living in Austin continued to go up, and to minimize the amount of stuff in their lives.

Walk into their home, and you'll step into their living room, kitchen, dining room and master bedroom all blended into one space. It's their biggest room of two in the family's house portioned off from a larger home owned by Scott Sprague's parents.

"The hallway goes to the kids' bedroom. The kid's bedroom is real clean; we try to keep everything simple," Sprague told KVUE on a tour of the "microhome."

Sprague and his wife Carrie's 8-year-old son Ty and 6-year-old Caden share bunk beds and everyone shares one closet.

"Boys stuff on one side, and we gave Carrie the other side, just so she wouldn't complain too much," Sprague said.

The family also shares one bathroom.

"We literally use every inch of storage in here. Winter clothes, we've got blankets, everything's got a place.

"If it doesn't work, we're like, 'Okay we got to change it,' and we have got to do it now because it's in the way," said Sprague.

Carrie Sprague is a professionally trained chef who uses a hot plate, one sauce pan, one regular pan and a microwave and toaster oven to cook the family's meals.

"I'm very thankful that my kids are into vegetables and fruit so we're very big into grab and go. If they want something, they know where it's at," she said.

Deep, organized drawers hold their dry foods and all of their plates and cups go in a side pantry. Scott says it's not always easy for this family of four to live in such a small space.

"There are some days where our oldest will tell us 'I'm ready to move, I'm ready to move,'" he said.

However, he says reward is so much greater than the compromise.

"If a problem arises or an argument, we have to nip it in the bud, because it's just not a big enough space to go around being mad at each other," he said.

And ultimately, it allows them to live in a city where the cost of living keeps going up.

"Depending on how much you love your city and where you live; I think you'll do whatever you need to stay there," he said.


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