Father calls sex-ed poster featuring oral sex, grinding too "risque"

SHAWNEE, KS (WDAF) - A father in Kansas says a sex-ed poster used in his 13-year-old daughter's class is too risque. District officials say it's all part of the district-approved curriculum.

Late last week, Mark Ellis's 13-year-old daughter showed him a picture of his poster.

"Why would you put it in front of 13-year-old students?" he asked.

He thought the poster -- which lists things like oral sex and "grinding" -- might've been a prank until he contacted the school principal, and was told it was a teaching material.

"The poster that you reference is actually part of our middle school health and science materials," Leigh Anne Neal of the Shawnee School District said. "And so it is a part of our district approved curriculum. However, the item is meant to be part of a lesson, and so certainly as a standalone poster without the context of a teacher led discussion. I could see that there might be some cause for concern."

But Ellis is now concerned that what's on this poster is being taught to his 13-year-old in school.

"Who approved this? You know this had to pass through enough hands that someone should have said 'hey, wait a minute, there are 13-year-old kids."

Neal said the poster needs to be viewed in the context of a bigger curriculum. Which she calls abstinence-based for students in middle school.

"The curriculum is part of it," she said, ""it aligns with national standards around those topics, and it's part of our curriculum in the school district."

But Ellis thinks if that's the case, the curriculum needs to change.

"This has nothing to do with absintence or seual reproduction, actually a lot of these things," he said. "I would like to see that this particular part of the curriculum is removed from the school.

And if the ciriculum doesn't change, Ellis plans to remove his daughter from the sexual education classes.


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