Firefighters rescue man, dog from Creve Coeur Lake

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. (KSDK ) - A man walking his dog fell through the ice at Creve Coeur Lake -- and his dog fell in with him.

As first responders found out, the man is deaf and his hearing aids shorted in the fall.

The whole thing lasted about 10 minutes, but those watching the scene said it seemed like an eternity.

"I just couldn't believe it, it was surreal, it was like I was not seeing this," witness BJ Lodholz said.

Someone standing on the shore called 911, a man had fallen through the ice at Creve Coeur Lake.

Responders arrived in a matter of moments wearing their rescue suits and started crawling on the ice toward the victim. They got to him wrapped him in rope and started to pull.

"The dog went pretty far out the dog went in, the water and the dog was scrambling to get out and it got back up on the ice, but it kept falling back in," Lodholz said."Then the guy, I couldn't believe it he starts walking out probably two thirds the way out and all of a sudden kerplunk he went in."

Responders practice for this and last month had to rescue a dog from Creve Coeur Lake.

This time around they were put to the test. They tried yelling advice to the victim who holding onto the ice, up to his shoulders in the frigid water.

"Don't move stay where you are things of that nature and so he wasn't answering us so we thought he was more compromised than he actually really was and wasn't responding to us, but really it was because he was deaf," says Maryland Heights fire Captain Robert Daus.

The man was treated for hypothermia and the dog was wrapped up in a towel and had made it to the shore on its own.

Thankfully, because the attention had to be first focused on its owner.

"You have to realize if the ice won't support a 50-75 pound dog it's not going to support you," Captain Daus said.

He says pet owners should always call for help before the situation escalates, but he says he does understand why owners go in after their pets.

"Absolutely, they are like family," he said.

Just in case you ever fall into cold water like are a few pointers from the Maryland Heights Fire Department.

Try to make yourself as flat as possible and scoot on the ice. Don't just grab onto the edge of the ice as it will break off.

Also, remain calm and look around there might be something you can use to help pull yourself out.


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