Ford pays for employee's funeral

By Hank Winchester

DETROIT (WDIV/CNN) - A Detroit woman's remains have been in a morgue for months after police say her husband killed her and her body was dumped.

Now, thanks to donations and the generosity of her former employer, she will finally be laid to rest.

Lizzie Mae Collier-Sweets' story is a tragic one. Even after her remains were discovered, unfortunately, there was another sad twist.

Her body remained at the morgue, her family unable to pay for a funeral. But that will soon change.

It's the news Colliers-Sweets' family members have been waiting for.

"Ford has wanted to donate and put into the family, basically, into having a proper burial," said attorney Todd Flood.

Investigators believe Collier-Sweets' own husband, Roger, killed her. He's locked up, convicted of killing his first wife. Her body remains at the morgue, where it has been for months since it was discovered her family members simply unable to pay for a proper burial.

"She should at least get out the morgue. It's been long enough," said her niece, Misty Jones.

The disturbing twist here is Collier-Sweets' life insurance was actually paid to roger sweet. At the time of her death, he wasn't incarcerated. He wasn't a suspect.

The money from Ford, her employer for more than 20 years, is now tied up with the state. Sorting that legal mess out could take a while, but Ford is taking action to ensure that Collier-Sweet will finally be at peace.

"With the donations, and with Ford stepping up because she was a Ford employee for such a long time. The altruistic behavior, it's amazing," said Flood.

Collier-Sweets' family members tell me they're also planning to get together for a memorial to honor her.


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