Genital reconstruction allows Mississippi man to father child

JACKSON, Miss. — Mike Moore lost his penis in a botched circumcision but has passed the ultimate test of manhood by fathering a child without the use of artificial insemination.

Moore, a 30-year-old truck driver from Saucier, Miss., welcomed his son, Memphis, into the world on Oct. 4, becoming the first known man to have produced a child naturally with a reconstructed penis.

His son's birth not only fulfilled a lifelong dream of being a father but also inspired Moore to speak out about a condition of which he's no longer ashamed.

"This is not a rare situation," Moore said. "There are veterans that come back from war, and their genitalia is no longer there. There are people who get cancer and lose their genitalia. They have opportunities to live a normal life.

"We share our story so people won't give up hope on something like this."

Statistics on full or partial genitalia loss are elusive, but cases do occur with enough regularity that doctors have developed techniques for their reconstruction.

One of the leaders in this field is Dr. Gordon Lee, the Stanford University Medical Center plastic surgeon who invented the particular procedure used on Moore. Unlike most penis reconstruction surgeries that use tissue from the patient's arm to create a new organ, Lee's technique takes tissue from the thigh.


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