Girl Scout sells cookies outside marijuana dispensary

SAN FRANCISCO - A San Francisco-area girl scout is one smart cookie. The 13-year-old set up shop outside a marijuana dispensary.

Inside the Green Cross Medical Marijuana Dispensary, Girl Scout Cookies are one of the most popular types of pot for sale. Now, the real ones are also being sold outside.

"It has gone viral at this point," said spokesperson Holli Bert.

Bert says a 13-year-old scout named Danielle Lei put up a table outside the pot club on Monday. The cookies sold out quickly.

"After 45 minutes she had to call for reinforcement cookies, backups. Her mother was quoted as saying that she sold about 117 boxes in two hours," said Bert.

Her mother said she didn't want to be on TV, but she did want to make it clear that she set up at this location, not to make a political statement, but instead she views selling Girl Scout cookies as an opportunity to take her daughter around a different parts of the city. And she says in this case it allowed her to expose her daughter to a topic, drugs, that can be a difficult one for mothers and daughters.

Since the Green Cross posted the photo on Reddit, it has exploded online. Many are recognizing Danielle's business savvy for understanding supply and demand where Thin Mints meet the munchies.

According to KPIX-TV, the Girl Scouts of Northern California does not have restrictions on where cookies can be sold. They leave it up to parents to choose what they and their girls are comfortable with.


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