Good Samaritan returns cash stash

CLACKAMAS, Ore. - What would you do if you stumbled across a lot of money; say, tens of thousands of dollars?

One Oregon man turned the money over to the police.

On Friday night, Brian DiCarlo stopped by a Clackamas, Oregon grocery store.

All he needed was a dessert but in the parking lot he found something a lot sweeter.

It was an envelope with $2,000 cash and a $38,000 cashier's check.

"First thing I'm thinking is this person is a wreck. They've lost whatever this is for and they're losing their mind," said DiCarlo.

Brian was right a 71-year-old woman was frantically searching the parking lot for what turned out to be her down payment on a house.

Fortunately for her the money fell into the right hands.

Brian called the sheriff's office as soon as he discovered it

Deputies tracked down the rightful owner of that envelope

And boy was she thrilled.

She declined to go on camera but calls Brian an amazing man.

"i don't do it because i expect all of this. I do it because that's the first thing that came to mind," DiCarlo said.

The woman who lost the money did call Brian to thank him.

And she plans to send him a little something in the mail.


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