Group holds candlelight vigil against gun violence

More than 180 people have been murder in the STL so far this year.

To "Remember, Reflect, and Respond" was the purpose of a vigil to commemorate victims of gun violence in St. Louis Sunday night.

Fourteen groups gathered to sponsor the event that drew some 300 people to St. John's Church on North Grand Boulevard.

A quilt displaying the visage of 21 young people killed in St. Louis this year hung above a podium from which several speakers shared personal stories and calls to action.

In addition to a desire to increase the number of responsible gun owners (through gun lock usage), the predominant call to action was for "common sense" gun legislation.

Pro-Second Amendment supporter, and owner of Metro Shooting Supplies, Steven King says he agrees with a lot of what the groups want.

For instance, he too wants more responsible gun owners, and to ban illegal guns. He even says most legislators are out of touch with what gun legislation should be.

However, he does not share the group's desire for more legislation. He says with more than 20,000 city, state, and federal gun laws already on the books we don't need more, especially when some are not enforced well enough now.


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