Harvester Barber Shop owner takes pride in clients

ST. PETERS, Mo. (KSDK) - It's another day at the Harvester Barber Shop in St. Peters, Mo. And a different time.

One step inside, and the past is present.

"When I say I have to go get a haircut, I know where I'm going to come, " customer Ronald Williams said.

The owner, George Sullivan, has been cutting with scissors for 44 years.

"My grandfather was a barber, "he said.

And with his knick knacks and souvenirs, memories are climbing the walls.

When George opened his shop, it had one chair and a haircut cost little more than two bits.

"Yes, I can tell you. It cost $3.25," he recalled.

And it's still a bargain at $15. Although he eventually moved and expanded, not much else has changed. There are still no appointments, no computers and no bad hair days.

"You get a good haircut here, and you stay up to date on everything that's going on," customer Jim Brunts said with a laugh.

Despite all the keepsakes, there is one thing that George the barber cherishes above all else, his clients. Some have been coming in for decades.

"You have customers but they're your friends also, " he said.

A barber is part stylist, part psychiatrist, so the conversation here covers everything from sports to women.

"And sometimes it gets a little risque once in a while," George giggles, "but that's OK too."

If these mirrors could talk they'd have quite a story to tell, but there's one story that has the edge.

The reason customers are so loyal to George is because George is loyal to them. When the need arises, he even makes house calls.

When his long-time clients can't come into the shop, he brings the shop to them.

"My dad's in a wheelchair," Bill Behr said. "And my mom wasn't able to take him for a while because she was laid up with a knee injury."

Every Monday, on his day off, he calls on people like 86-year-old Bill Behr Sr.

"I just feel like it's my way of giving back," George said.

It may seem like a small thing but just ask and you'll find it makes a big difference.

"I think he gives you your dignity," Behr Sr. said, "And that's important."

You might think that a service like this would be expensive. You might think that, but you'd be wrong.

"He will not take anything. My mom's tried and he will not take anything," Behr said.

When he's done here, he's off to help someone else look a little better in the hopes that they will feel a little better. In this era or any other, George the Barber is clearly a cut above.

Added Behr, "There aren't a lot of people like that anymore."


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