Consumers still confused about Obamacare

While the President's announcement about grandfathering health insurance policies was welcome news for some people, it's just complicating an already confusing situation for others.

Freelance software developer Nick Kasoff says while he understands all of the changes, he wishes the White House would stick to a plan. In fact, he says he turns the television off every time he hears the President will be speaking about the Affordable Care Act.

"Everytime he comes up with a new idea he makes things worse," said Kasoff.

We first met Nick last month when we were reporting on issues with Even his expertise as a software developer wasn't allowing him to enroll. One month later, his story is still the same.

"I'm in limbo somewhere waiting for my records to be corrected," said Kasoff.

His information has to be corrected because his situation keeps changing, based on the hours of research he's done on how to afford health insurance for his family under the new requirements.

"I'm a software developer and I used to work for a health insurance company. And it's been complicated and difficult for me," said Kasoff.

The confusion is one reason the Women's Voices Raised for Social Justice held an information forum Thursday night. It called in experts to help explain the law and answer questions.

"There is a lot of confusion for consumers. And part of the problem is people are unaware of what this law does and how it impacts them," said Ryan Barker of the Missouri Foundation for Health.

Nick says he understands the law, he's just afraid it will keep changing. Because each time there's a new announcement, he's left feeling uncertain about his family's healthcare future.

"I don't have any idea whether we're going to have working insurance a month from now or not," said Kasoff.

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