Influenza B hitting late in the season

ST. LOUIS – Now that spring is here, many believe flu season is over, but a second wave is starting to hit parts of the United States.

Some east coast states are seeing a flurry of cases of influenza B. In some communities, the outbreak is worse now than at the typical peak of the flu season in December and January, when cases of influenza A peaked.

The bi-state area isn't seeing an outbreak, but in St. Louis County, the majority of the cases that are being identified are influenza B.

"You typically see influenza A occurring first in the season followed sometime by, if you want to call it a spike of influenza B. And I say it's a little softer spike because the overall cases of influenza are way down compared to what they were earlier," said Dr. Nirav Patel.

Patel says no one has been able to determine why these two strains seem to cycle this way, and it can be difficult to determine exactly what's making you sick at this time of year, because there are so many viruses making the rounds.


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