School replaces condoms that say 'one lucky lady'

BOSTON - The Boston Public School System has returned thousands of condoms after parents raised concerns. Not about the condoms, but the message on their wrappers.

Just ask some high school kids about the graphic, suggestive condom wrappers.

"I don't think it's a big deal overall because when people get condoms there's less ADDs being spread out overall," said one student.

But to parents like Helen Dajer it is a very big deal.

"As a health care provider I've handed out condoms to the women that I take care of for years.

I have never seen wrappers that look like this," said Dajer.

She also has three teenagers in Boston schools and she didn't want them to receiving these condoms with suggestive wrappers.

"And I absolutely did not want my high school student children to receive wrappers for condoms that said 'lucky lady,'" said Dajer.

Last summer, the Boston school department decided to start giving away condoms to promote safe, and disease-free sex. But then, these condoms were donated with wrappers saying "lucky lady," "enjoy," and "hump one."

Some kids WBZ-TV talked to said the program was good, but not the product.

"Yeah, that's kinda weird," said one student.

"They want the kids to be safe, so I guess they're looking out for us," said another.

We all know how outraged parents can get things changed quickly and in this case they did once again. The offending condoms have already been removed from Boston Public Schools, replaced by a very generic version.

"We understand why parents are concerned about the packaging, and so that's why I've taken steps right now to replace it with a whole new supply, and so there's no interruptions in the service in schools," said Lee McGuire, a spokesperson for the school district.

So these condoms are gone and the state has provided generic condoms.


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