Healthcare Exchange enrollment experiencing major issues

By Stephanie Diffin

ST. LOUIS(KSDK) - The Healthcare Exchange has been open since October 1st, users say they're still having trouble enrolling.

There's just one word Nick Kasoff has to describe the website.

"It's a disaster," said Kasoff.

Kasoff and his wife are both self-employed. He and his two children are already on their own plan, but his wife will have to sign up for an insurance exchange.

"They required that I use it, they didn't get it done. And in the end how many millions of hours of people's time is going to be wasted because they failed to do their job," said Kasoff.

Kasoffsays he believes hecould have actually done a better job. He just happens to be a freelance web developer.

"If I developed a website like this I would be ruined. I would be sued, I would be fired, I would be blacklisted," said Kasoff.

Kasoff has been carefully documenting his experience on his Facebook page since he started the process on October 1st. 17 days later, he's still fighting the system.

"Setting up a username and a password should take 30 seconds and should never fail," said Kasoff. "And they managed to blow that, which really doesn't give you any confidence that anything else is going to work right."

The White House acknowledges there is a problem, but says it's only evidence of the need for the Affordable Care Act.

"This is a problem that was driven by overwhelming demand from people saying I want to sign up for affordable healthcare. And they're going to be able to," said Senior White House Advisor David Simas.

But Kasoff says, that's no excuse.

"They've had years to prepare," he said.

The good news is, many people we spoke with say they have made progress in recent days. But up until now, they say it's been a long and frustrating process.


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