Immigrants watch Ukrainian violence from St. Louis church

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) – The fiery, violent street battles in Ukraine are half a world away, but they hit too close to home to some St. Louisans.

Protesters – who were seen on TV lobbing grenades and flares on their way to the parliament – are speaking out against the government's new law to ban protesters.

All of the people who came to St. Mary's Assumption Ukrainian Church in St. Louis were from Ukraine. They came to the U.S. to escape the economic hardships in their home country.

And on Sunday, they watched the images of violence between their people and the police in their homeland.

Father Eugene Logusch says the violence affects his congregation immensely. Many of the people who come to the church still have family in cities like Kiev, where much of the violence is going on.

"I'm worried people will hurt, there may be injuries and deaths, both from the demonstrators and the young men who are told to stand against the people," he said. "For citizens to be attacking each other is a great tragedy and misfortune."

Father Logusch and many of his parishioners are worried we haven't seen the worst of the violence yet. More people who are protesting could be killed and persecuted in the nighttime hours.


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