India's 'Spider-man' campaigning for general election

MUMBAI, India (CNN) - Forget going door to door, this candidate campaigns window to window.

"Please vote for me," said Spider-man -- real name Gaurav Sharma -- contesting in India's general election as an independent candidate.

"Do you think people can take you seriously when you are dressed up as Spider-man?"

"People are definitely taking me seriously."

And they should, he says because unlike the fictional superhero, this hero, who has been climbing sky scrapers for 5 years, has real guts.

"Somebody who climbs 45 stories in 19 minutes, it takes a higher level of thinking and great organized thought."

If elected, he says he'll use his new powers to help people.

After all, with great power comes great responsibility.

"People are still deprived of the basic necessities like water, electricity, schooling."

The public has a window of opportunity he says, he hopes they'll take it and vote for him.

But does he have a real chance of winning? That's still up in the air.


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