Japanese scientist: Crying is the key to happiness

CNN – An expert in Japan is helping people cry for joy…literally. He says a good cry helps rid people of stress and fear longer than a good laugh!

Crying doesn't have a good image in Japan, according to Takashi Saga. People believe you shouldn't cry in front of other people: it's weak.

Saga is a "tears sommelier" – yup, that's his actual title. Like a connoisseur who chooses your wine, he chooses books, movies, whatever that touch on your emotions.

Laughing, he says, can only release the stress at that moment, but studies show that the stress released from crying lasts for a week. Experts say it's better for your physical and mental health.

Some scientific studies even say that the tears we shed contain the same kinds of hormones released when the body is under physical stress.

Watch the video above to learn more about saga.


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