10 top Katz vs A-B behind-the-scenes moments

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) – The trial between Francine Katz and Anheuser Busch is out of session Thursday with court resuming Friday.

NewsChannel 5 reporter Leisa Zigman has been in the courtroom daily to capture testimonies and all of the interesting angles of the case. She's also marked some of the interesting what you don't see notes.

Here's a compilation of what you might have missed or not seen in this court case so far:

10. Francine Katz noticing a reporter – not Zigman -- left her equipment on the floor after court and gives it to bailiff for safe keeping.

9. August Busch IV comes out of the shadows for first time in four years looking tanned and confident about his testimony. He exits through the front doors, waves, and tells KSDK photographer it (testimony) went well.

8. Judge Rex Burlison saying to August Busch III and August Busch IV "This is how it works" when both former CEOs broke courtroom decorum during testimony.

7. August Busch III entering courtroom during a break through the doors with a booming "How ya doing?" Working the room, shaking hands and saying "Hello Francine," the woman suing A-B for sex discrimination.

6. Francine Katz smiling, shaking the August III's hand and saying "Hello August."

5. August Busch III calling Katz's seasoned trial lawyer, Donna Harper, "Young lady."

4. August Busch III's "A Few Good Men moment." It's not quite "You can't handle the truth," but did boom out, "You're damn right I did," when talking about his recommendation that Francine Katz make $300,000 base salary.

3. Cowboy boots, designer suits and water bottles; the dress code for father and son August Busch III and August Busch IV in court.

2. August Busch III completing testimony, doing the highly unusual move of shaking the judge's hand, walking past plaintiff table saying "Good bye Francine."

1. King of Beers turns to King of Charm: August Busch III seeing Katz attorney Mary Ann Sedey in hallway, leans down and plants a kiss on her cheek.


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