5 on Your Side: Community responds to dog attack

ST. LOUIS - A Five on Your Side Investigation into a dog attack in South City is getting action.

Neighbors, and South City residents flooded Alderman Joe Vaccaro's email and cell phone Saturday night after Five On Your Side reported the story of Kristin Collins.

Collins was running with her dog Scout near Watson and Pernod Friday afternoon when a pack of pitbulls attacked her and Scout. Scout had 80 wounds across her body. Some of them may be very deep. She had to get dozens of stitches.

Gabe Wilson watched our story and told us, the description of the dogs who attacked Kristin and Scout sounded familiar. Witnesses described the pitbull as dark in color. One witness wrote down their owner's license plate and gave it to police.

Wilson said a dark colored pitbull attacked him and his dog Molly in October, less than a block away from where the pack of dogs attacked Kristin.

"I ran at it, kicked as hard as I could in the face, it regrouped and came back after my dog. It did bite her in the rear end," said Wilson. He said he broke a bone in his foot during the struggle.

"I'm a dog lover and I'm not prejudiced towards Pitbulls, if that's not enough to do something, what is? ," he said.

Vaccaro told us " after your story aired, I got about 30 calls instantly and then the emails started rolling in,"

Vaccaro said he got in touch with St. Louis City Police, the City Health Dept and Animal Control to get answers.

He believes the pitbulls owners are liable for at least 10-15 violations. He said the city does have a Dangerous Dog Ordinance. It requires owners to carry $50,000 of insurance, register their dog's picture at the Health Department and put up a sign warning people of dangerous dogs. Five On Your Side didn't see any signs at the house were the dogs got loose.

Vaccaro said there is no criminal code violation to hold owners accountable. He said people who are cited often pay small fines for breaking the city ordinance. He said he is going to show up at the pitbull owners court date to insure they face the maximum of $500 fine for each ordinance. Five On Your Side is in contact with the health department and we've also contacted St. Louis Metropolitan Police to get answers.

Watch Farrah's initial story here.


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