5 on Your Side: Castle Rock steps up to help customer

(*Editor's Note as of July 3, 2014: Castle Rock Remodeling has undergone a change in management since the airing of this story.)

ST. LOUIS - A customer of a window company, who says the owner threatened he would never fix her problems, is now satisfied. After 5 on Your Side's Mike Rush began investigating, Castle Rock Remodeling is stepping up.

Lisa Hutton never would have thought she'd get so excited over windows.

"My windows drain and my windows open," Hutton said with enthusiasm.

She's excited because it's taken several months for Hutton to be able to say that.

"My nightmare is finally over since July," she said.

That's when Hutton hired Castle Rock Remodeling to replace her windows. She noticed problems immediately after they were done.

"Why there's a big problem is right here," she said. "As you see, the drain hole, the only ones that are exposed out of all nine windows, are completely filled with caulk."

The caulk seemed out of control, sealing screens shut, looking like a mess. After she says she got the runaround from Castle Rock, she reported the company to the Better Business Bureau. Then, she says, the company's owner, Jamie Hart called.

"And gave me a one-sided conversation of how I could just kiss my warranty goodbye," she said. "No one's every coming out to repair my windows. How dare I file a report with the BBB and what was I thinking?"

So Hutton asked 5 on Your Side for help. Mike Rush included her installation issues in a broader story involving former employees claims that Hart installed cheaper windows than what customers bought in order to save money.

Paperwork 5 on Your Side received showed, although not in Hutton's case, a number of other customers did get different windows than what they ordered. Hart, who admitted to mistakes but denied intentional wrongdoing, died before our story aired.

"They were here on Tuesday, the day after the story aired," said Hutton. "They pulled out the windows. Every single window had to be pulled out."

And the caulk had to be shaved off. The company did a complete re-installation. Workers even replaced some of the siding.

"I'm grateful that it got fixed thanks to 5 on Your Side," said Hutton.

Hart's Uncle, Gary Cason, who's helping handle Hart's affairs, admits it was bad work.

"This sub-contractor was probably sub-par," he said.

Cason has a message for all Castle Rock customers.

"We just invite the people who are our customers to don't hesitate to call us and let us take care of their problems," said Cason.

As of this writing, the medical examiner has not yet released the cause and manner of Jamie Hart's death. His uncle says while ownership issues are still up in the air, he believes Castle Rock will stay in business.


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