5 on Your Side: Family waiting for room addition

BRECKENRIDGE HILLS, Mo. - A contractor's reputation was so bad, it led a city leader to discuss ways of limiting his work in Breckenridge Hills, and that reputation has led to hard feelings and unfinished business.

When Derek and Theresa Stevens started calling contractors in May of last year, they knew exactly what they wanted.

"We wanted it to be nice and comfortable," said Theresa. "We want the grandkids to have a place to come."

The Stevens hired Arnold Badgett with Badgett Construction out of Troy, Mo. to take on this important job.

"We'd saved for 25 years until we could afford to do this," said Theresa. "I mean this was our dream to add on this addition to the house."

But as soon as they signed the contract, the Stevens say Badgett started giving them the runaround.

"I've seen buildings go up faster than what it's taking this little room," said Derek.

"It's always an excuse," said Theresa. "I mean, this person died, this person's sick, I broke my finger, I had a car accident."

When I finally tracked Badgett down after three months of trying, he had an excuse for me too.

Rush: "What's taken so long to finish that job?"

Badgett: "We're having shoulder surgery tomorrow."

Which doesn't account for the last year and a half he hasn't done work on the Stevens' home.

Rush: "well, then explain these things."

Badgett: "I don't have to to you."

The Stevens aren't the only ones with a bad taste in their mouth about Badgett. 5 on Your Side found more customers who are having similar problems.

Raul Robles also paid Badgett to build a room on his home. Robles claims Badgett sent a couple of guys to do the job, but never showed up to check their work. If he had, he may have realized the work that was done, wasn't up to code. Robles said he paid Badgett $12,000, but had to go back and do the work himself.

Rush: "What it appears is that there's a pattern of you taking people's money and not finishing their jobs in a timely fashion."

Badgett: "That is not true."

"I've talked to three or four other people who have hired him," said Theresa. "He's doing the exact same thing with them."

Once Rush started calling Badgett, he did start showing up to work on the Stevens' job. Three months later, there's still work to be done.

"He is fixing things just very, very slowly," said Theresa. "And I still don't have my windows."

"I've been in contact with them," said Badgett. "They know we're all on the same page and they know that we're doing the job."

"He wants to tell you what you want to hear, everything, then he turns around and does the opposite," said Derek.

And as the holidays approach, the Stevens dreams of spending it in a new family room, remain on hold.

"I thought I was going to use this room last Christmas, in 2012," said Theresa. "I'm still not going to be able to use in 2013."

"I just want him to come and get it done, get it done right and be out of here," said Derek.

Initially, a city councilman told us the council was going to prevent Badgett's doing new business in Breckenridge Hills until he finishes his current jobs. Since then, the councilman has retracted his statement and the city attorney says the council does not have the power to limit who does business.


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