5 On Your Side helps get nasty yard cleaned

5 On Your Side helps produce a quick resolution to a problem that seemed to have no solution in sight.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY - Foliage and weeds grew to such heights they attracted wild animals and irked neighbors dealing with the constant eye-sore.

NewsChannel 5 On Your Side gets results that forest-like setting has a facelift.     

It's a quick resolution to a problem that seemed to have no solution in sight.

“Yeah, this is good,” said Tom Vogel Friday as he looked over his backyard fence at the yard behind him.

The grass may not be greener on the other side of the fence, but it sure is shorter than it used to be.

“It's a big, big change, the big weeds are all gone,” he said.

Vogel says a few days after our story aired, a volunteer group of young people, along with support from what looked like St. Louis County workers, showed up to take care of business.

“They worked like the devil and they got it done, they worked good,” said Vogel.

Leroy Hamann is the neighbor. He passed on talking with us Friday, but last time explained that recent rains, combined with a few days without electricity after a storm caused the problem.

“Everything that I have to cut the weeds is electric and I lost it for about four or five days and everything went big,” Hamann said, referring to his overgrown foliage.

Vogel called the county before he called 5 On Your Side for help. Crews cut the front yard, but did not touch the back, a spokesman says, because the back did not violate the property maintenance code.

When Mike Rush called the county, they promised to connect Hamann with volunteer groups who could come to the rescue.

“The county had something to do with it, and you had the biggest part because when it got on television, I think that scared his buns up,” said Vogel.  “Five on Your Side does great, gets things going.”

Vogel says it took the crews of several people two days to finish the job.


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