5 on Your Side investigates sewer problem

ST. LOUIS - A south St. Louis couple can't use the shower, wash clothes and can only flush the toilet sparingly. They say it's been going on for a week because of a plumbing problem and they can't get answers from the city.

The homeowners had to pay to replace a lateral sewer line. It made a mess of their yard, but the fact that the new line isn't hooked up to the main sewer line, and that's making a mess of their lives.

Lately, running water is enough to make Alix Viser panic.

Reporter: "How long are you comfortable leaving it on?"

"Honestly, not very long," said Viser.

The new sewer line installed a week ago and buried under mud is capped at the alley. It's the city's job to connect it to the main line. Until then, Viser and her husband can't do dishes, take showers and, "We are flushing sparingly, which is a little hard to get used to."

She says the city street department has been giving her the run-around.

"It's just frustrating that we haven't been able to get any answers and the answers that we do get are people saying, it's going to get done Tuesday, it's going to be done Wednesday," said Viser.

So 5 on Your Side's Mike Rush contacted the head of the St. Louis City Streets Department and asked him to come out.

"There's definitely been a communication problem here," said Todd Waelterman.

He says the city was notified late last week and secured a crew Tuesday. It's a bigger job than expected because the city has to update the antiquated connecting system.

While Viser says she couldn't get answers, 5 on Your Side did.

"They're willing to come out tomorrow and start digging on this, and with a little luck tomorrow, they'll have it hooked up," said Waelterman.

If you have an issue in the City of St. Louis, of any kind, get it on the record, hold the city accountable, by calling the Citizens' Service Bureau at 314-622-4800.


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