Alton man's home destroyed, blames neighbor

ALTON - A homeowner in Alton said his house and his yard are full of feces and he blames his neighbor.

Chad Mathis bought his house two years ago. He and his wife wanted to live there forever, until the night they woke up and found water flooding into the house.

"We couldn't figure it out, I'm thinking what's going on what's all this smell?" Mathis said. "The insurance company came in here and ripped the whole inside of my house. My insurance company opens up my records and says I'm not covered," Mathis explained.

He says the contractor left the house in shambles and the water kept coming.

"I look over the guy next door I found out he doesn't even have a sewer cap on his septic. It was bubbling out straight sewer and I think, wow there's the smell. That was what was coming into my house," Mathis explained.

He called the Madison County Planning department to come test the soil.

"The fecal test was 6000 plus and you're allowed 400, that means this is all unsafe territory," he said pointing at his backyard.

Mathis said the county worker made the neighbor cut the grass and found another problem. HE had a leach pit. It's the pit that allows the sewer to dump out of your home. The sewage in his yard and his house, and the mold in the corners forced Chad and his wife out of their home. It was unlivable. They moved into their garage and made a makeshift bed in there.

"The house is completely destroyed pictures of my family casket pictures of grandfather it's all gone," he said.

NewsChannel 5 went to talk to the neighbor. The person who answered the door said, "I dont believe he will talk to you about it,"

Mathis said he doesn't have enough income to fix the damages.

We called the Madison County planning department but nobody called us back.

NewsChannel 5 also talked to chad's lawyer. He said the planning department told him they'd cited chad's neighbor on several code violations including have an uncovered septic tank and an illegal leach pit.


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