City of Hazelwood condemns condos

HAZELWOOD, Mo. - People living in a Hazelwood condominium are forced from their homes. The city stepped in deeming the property unsafe.

The notices from the city went up suddenly Thursday afternoon and those living on this side of the building had to go. But residents say there was nothing sudden about why these places aren't fit to live.

"This whole ceiling collapsed," said condo owner Richard Fish as he pointed to a big hole in the ceiling of his bathroom. He said it happened about a month ago.

"Gushes, three or four times a day and three or four times a night, just flooding the whole bathroom," he said.

Fish says he first reported the beginnings of a leak to the condo association in January, but according to him, nobody acted on it and the problem got progressively worse. Now, Hazelwood says four condos, one of which is the office, are dangerous.

"That's bad," said Phyllis Murchason.

She lives on the other side of the building, which is not condemned. Still, she's concerned about her neighbors.

"Anything could cave in like the bathroom could, duh, duh, duh, duh. You know from the top floor down, you know," she said.

Lisa Burrow lives across the hall and says she only had two hours to get out.

"So that caused a lot of problems, especially for me because, you know, I don't really have anywhere else that I can just up and go like that," said Burrow.

Despite the inconvenience, Fish is glad the city took action on this dangerous situation.

"Part of the floor's missing, it's all rotted out," he said. "I'm afraid her bathtub is going to fall down and injure somebody or kill somebody."

The president of the condo association disputes Fish's claim that he reported the leak in January. She claims maintenance addressed it immediately, although the source of the leak hasn't been pin-pointed.

Residents say the city is now overseeing the repairs, but it's not clear when people can move back into their homes.


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