Customer finds buckshot in roast beef sandwich

BRENTWOOD, Mo. - A Lion's Choice customer says his roast beef sandwich came with an extra ingredient, buckshot. Now he wants to get the word out.

NewsChannel 5 hears these claims from time to time, but a couple of things made us look deeper into this one. The restaurant admitted it could happen and we've done a similar story involving a Lion's Choice sandwich a few years ago.

The customer says he found the foreign object in his first bite. His wife had a sandwich too, but had not started eating. When she dug through the meat on her sandwich, she says she too found a pellet. They bought the food at the Lion's Choice on Hanley Road in Brentwood.

A manager for the restaurant tells Newschannel 5 the meat is delivered packaged. They just cook it and slice it. She says it doesn't happen very often, but it does happen.

In fact, in 2003, NewsChannel 5 reported a similar situation. A Florissant woman found pellets in her sandwich from a Lion's Choice in Chesterfield.

A spokesperson with the American Meat Institute says this is rare because there are safeguards in place.

"We use metal detectors for example in our plants to try to detect any kind of foreign contamination that could occur during processing," said Janet Riley. "We also have inspectors in our plants during every minute of operation."

So, how does buckshot end up in a roast beef sandwich? It could be stray pellets from hunters hitting cows, kids goofing around or the practice of hitting cows with a little buckshot to get them out of thick undergrowth.

While this involves Lion's Choice, the buckshot could end up wherever the beef is sold.


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