Cyclist claims mayor ran him off road

SUNSET HILLS, Mo. - A cyclist claims a driver cursed him and intentionally ran him off the road. That driver? The mayor of Sunset Hills.

The Sunset Hills police chief said the report on Tuesday's incident won't be ready until Friday at the earliest. In the meantime, both sides are giving very different accounts about what happened.

Randy Murdick, an avid cyclist, was finishing a 40-mile bike ride yesterday evening on Old Gravois Road,when he claims a man in a red convertible pulled up to him and started yelling at him to "get off my road."

The man turned out to be Sunset Hills Mayor Mark Furrer.

Murdick said the mayor intentionally bumped him off the road and into a ditch.

"Basically it was road rage, is what it comes down to," Murdick said.

"Out of nowhere there's a red convertible next to me. And he is just screaming, 'Get off m ****ing road!' and it's over and over... He snapped the car over and it hit me so hard it flipped the bike up onto the curb and...I fell. I almost went into the back of the car."

Furrer claims Murdick first cut him off. Furrer said when he told Murdick he should have stopped at a stop sign, the cyclist allegedly cursed at him, and grabbed onto his car until he eventually crashed in the ditch.

"No signal, no stop; flew right out in front of me," Furrer said. "I pulled up next to him and said, 'Hey, man, you're supposed to stop at the stop sign,' and he started cursing at me."

Mayor Furrer said the cyclist crossed in front of his car at a stop, that's when Murdick latched onto his car and rode alongside the vehicle until he fell.

"I never yelled at him to get off my roads, because they're not my roads," Furrer said.

The mayor said his car has no dents or scratches to indicate he struck the cyclist. Furrer said he turned his car around as soon as he could, but Murdick claims the mayor just sped off and only returned to the scene when he saw witnesses were following him.

Murdick took his case to social media and the mayor has been getting intense blowback from people across the country. The mayor said the whole ordeal makes him sick to his stomach.

"I hope you get hit by a mac truck. Don't f**k with cyclists," Furrer said, quoting from his phone.

All day Wednesday, Furrer was getting Facebook messages, texts, and e-mails.

"It's grounds for impeachment and some big lawsuits," one person wrote.

For his part, Furrer swears he is not "a road rage guy."

"I would never intentionally run a bicycle off the road," he said.

The cyclist community is siding with Murdick. Now, the question is whether his fellow cyclers will keep plans to participate in the Sunset Hills triathlon next month, which brings hundreds of people, and thousands of dollars to the city. When the story first broke, some suggested a boycott. The event's main sponsor says that's not the best resolution.

"There are people who have been training for this for months and this just takes it out from under them. And we don't want that," said Swim Bike Run Partner Chip Self.

So, Swim Bike Run is hoping the city will sit down for a discussion about becoming more bike friendly, in exchange for its continued support.

"What we'd like to do is take this energy and make it not for waste, and turn it into something good," said Self.


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