Hazelwood couple angry over bad bathroom

The couple has been living without a bath tub for weeks.

HAZELWOOD, MO. - A young Hazelwood couple finally got a place of their own. But it's been far from a dream home, the experience has been a nightmare.

And they blame their apartment complex. 

Close up shots resemble a road construction site or an underground cavern.

But the big picture shows it's a bathroom, belonging to Aaron Jacobs and his fiance, Christina O'Brien.

“It's horrible,” said O’Brien. 

“It's just getting worse and worse and worse in there,” Jacobs added.

The problem started not long after they moved into the Knollwood Apartments in July.

“We spotted a leak between the bathtub and the toilet,” said Jacobs. 

Apartment management, the couple said, had crews come out and eventually rip out the bathtub.

That's been a month, Jacobs said, and their bathroom still looks like a mess.

You better believe he's complained a lot.

“At least two, three times a week,” he said.

While the sink and toilet still work, they have to use his roommate's private bathroom to bathe.

“And every time he goes to sleep we basically have no access to it because he closes and shuts his door,” said Jacobs.

Aside from the obvious inconvenience of not having a working bathroom, the couple also has health concerns with what they fear looks like mold forming.

“Every morning I have sinus issues and throwing up, even well past when I shouldn't be,” said O’Brien.

What she means is that, at six-months pregnant, O'Brien is past her morning sickness. But her condition makes their situation even more frightful to them.

“I mean anybody would just, you know, wants to be able to clean themselves and make sure that they're healthy,” said O’Brien.

Five on Your Side’s Mike Rush called Knollwood Apartments a couple of times but did not hear back, so he stopped by and found the property manager and the regional manager.

The regional manager said, “We're not at liberty to discuss that.”

She referred Rush to an out of town corporate office.

Mike Rush called the corporate office, U.S. Residential, as well, but so far, nobody has gotten back.

In the meantime, Rush called the City of Hazelwood, who sent an inspector Wednesday to look at the bathroom.

The good news, the inspector found no active mold.

A Hazelwood spokesman tells Rush Knollwood Apartments is trying to work with the tenants by relocating them and taking money off their rent.


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