Woman hit at intersection calls for change

ALTON, Ill. - A woman hit by a car at an Alton intersection is calling for change. To get the word out, she's taking her own video of what she considers a life-threatening situation.

"Sometimes I may sit here for 15, 20 minutes before I'll actually cross the road," Kim Milazzo told 5 on Your Side's Mike Rush as she stood at the intersection of State Street and Broadway in Alton, Illinois. Milazzo has a hard-earned phobia.

"It's scary to walk across the street now," she said.

She has scars on her arm. "I have pins and plates that had to be put back together."

She spent a week in the hospital and two months in rehab.

"I have an indention from the bumper in my leg," she said.

All because about a year ago, where Broadway meets State Street, "I came to the middle, I turned to the right and then I got hit and then I was down on the ground."

The driver who hit Milazzo had stopped at the sign but didn't see her when he began to drive again. Still, she says so many others don't stop. To show it, she recorded it on Wednesday.

"No sooner I started videoing you could just see people going and going and going and not stopping," she said.

5 on Your Side's own cameras captured it too. Most drivers did not make a complete stop, seeming only to slow down and roll through the sign, and a few cars didn't appear to come even close to hitting the brakes.

It happens all the time says cyclist Rob Hunter.

"You'll see two cars come to a stop, two cars behind them, sometimes three just roll through," said Hunter.

Milazzo says she's contacted Illinois State Police and Alton Police with no results.

"If I could help one person from not getting hit and going through what I did or actually dying, that's what would make me happy," she said.

Illinois State Police, who maintains the intersection, did not call 5 on Your Side's Mike Rush back, but he did speak with Alton police. A spokesperson says they have no record of Milazzo's complaint, but since we brought it to their attention they will have officers patrol the intersection more often.

Police say despite that accident, there are not a lot of accidents reported there.


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