911 calls released in Sunset Hills bicycle accident

SUNSET HILLS, Mo. - It's a battle of Sunset Hills Mayor versus bicyclist that launched a social media firestorm. Now, a newly released 911 tape might help give some insight into who's telling the truth.

The Sunset Hills Police Department has passed on the investigation into this case to St. Louis County police. Now, investigators are working to find out whether the Sunset Hills Mayor did anything wrong the day a bystander and a bicyclist both called 911.

The call from the bystander begins with him calling out to the driver, saying, "Pull over, pull over! You just hit that guy and took off!"

The call came in from near Gravois and Interstate 270 just over a week ago. It's the day avid bicyclist Randy Murdick claims Sunset Hills Mayor Mark Furrer ran him off the road. Murdick also called 911 that day.

In that call, you can hear the dispatcher ask, "Do you need EMS to respond?"

Murdick responds, "No, but the guy that ran me off the road is here."

NewsChannel 5 spoke with Furrer and Murdick the day after the incident happened. The Mayor claims Murdick ran a stop sign

"I said, 'Hey man, you're supposed to stop at the sign," Furrer said.

Then, Furrer says the cyclist started yelling and grabbed onto his car causing him to lose balance and fall.

"Why are there no marks on my car, why is there no evidence that I hit him?" Furrer said.

But Murdick says the Mayor did swerve into him.

"He is just screaming get off my ***** road… and it's over and over," Murdick said.

On the 911 recording from the bystander's call, he said, "The guy hit a bicyclists, turned around and came back."

Murdick says he injured his leg and the crash damaged his $13,000 bike.

The Mayor declined to comment on the newly released tapes per the advice of his lawyer.


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