Active shooter drill ruffles feathers in Farmington

FARMINGTON, Mo. - It was a drill that was supposed to make teachers feel safer in case of a school shooting. But some Farmington High School faculty say it went too far.

The only people at the school live action shooting drill happened Tuesday were teachers and other faculty. But a few of them were concerned enough about the simulation that they called the prosecuting attorney.

"We use some airsoft guns. Those are used by those who are the active shooters, the teachers that are in the classrooms," said Principal Nathan Hostetler. "And rather than using blank rounds, we use an air horn to simulate gunfire."

Hostetler used Tuesday's professional development day to get ahead on training.

"The legislature has required that all schools perform live action scenarios by July 1, 2014," he said.

NewsChannel 5 is told several teachers were concerned about the drill and called the St. Francois County prosecuting attorney to get legal advice.

"Truth be told, we don't know who those faculty members were. In the meantime, we've asked via email for feedback on this training, and we've received nothing but positive comments," said Hostetler.

When district officials heard about that call, they stopped the drill immediately. Deidra Johns and her freshman daughter, Ginny, wonder what those teachers were worried about.

"I think it's a good idea to have the drills because nowadays you just don't know just because it's a small town. It could happen anywhere," said Johns.

Hostetler says those teachers had a choice, and could have opted out at any point.

"The fact that this made some folks uncomfortable doesn't mean that it shouldn't happen in the future," said Hostetler.

NewsChannel 5 reached out to the prosecuting attorney to find out the exact nature of those concerns. He didn't return any of our calls.


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