Activist, comedian Dick Gregory critical of police

FERGUSON, Mo. - Comedian, activist, and former St. Louisan Dick Gregory was in Ferguson Friday night. He's critical of police and can recall the riots of Birmingham and Watts in the 1960s.

"When you stop and think about here, it can happen anywhere. Just a couple of things were different," Gregory said. "We haven't seen cops this stupid since Birmingham and what did they do? It went all over the world and they did more to get the Civil Rights legislation than we did."

Gregory, 85, said the only way things will change is if the government finally listens to the people. The comedian drew an analogy to a gas explosion.

"If y'all go cover a housing area that the gas exploded, it didn't start that day. It didn't just go boom. It leaked, leaked, then…," Gregory said while acting out the lighting of a match. "This didn't start that day. This just triggered it."

When asked when justice would come, the old man, eyes large and protruding from his weathered face, the veneer of sagacity, lifted his shoulders and blurted, "with white folks."

"See, white folks didn't know they had this military stuff waiting. That's going to be legislated out. Because here's what they're doing: if we ain't got no major wars, and you're a manufacturer, you can't make no money. Already to these towns across America, they've sold … military stuff. And the world didn't know that. And white folks didn't know that. And watch and see what happens next week."


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